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My Thoughts and Deeds

The Elven side of ME

23 September
Current book/s I'm reading: "Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien

Current interest/s: Women's Spirituality and Goddess myths/religions; reading fantasy novels; Witchcraft; mask-making; Renaissance Festivals; Zumba; Poi Spinning; Fairy wing making techniques; Steampunk costumes and accessories; CW's "Supernatural"; AMC's "Walking Dead"; "Doctor Who"

Current hobby/ies: fantasy mask making and design; book collecting; reading books; yard saling/shopping thrift stores; playing with makeup; visiting as many Renaissance Faires as I can; watching my favorite shows; hanging with good friends; sipping hot chai tea on a cold evening; working on my Steampunk costume accessories; and spending time with my kitties, Ember and Indy.

I'm known as Sphinx, I'm 32 yrs. old and I'm very interested/involved in Renaissance Festivals -to read about my exp. with Ren. Fest.'s please go here: http://www.livejournal.com/community/ne_rennies/101318.html?mode=reply I aim to attend as many Renaissance Festivals as I can with my boyfriend, whom I've recently reconnected with after dating briefly in high school 15 years ago, Stephen. I especially adore Elves and Faeries at the Fantasy/Renaissance Festivals and am usually found attending Faire in the guise of my Elven identity: Sphinx. But sometimes I go Fairy! ;p~

Of late, I've been getting into learning how to make Steampunk costume pieces and accessories, and trying to 'up my game' in concerns to my mask and wing making skills.

My Art:
I consider myself an artist: I design fantasy costumes, I'm a mask-maker, an amateur fairy wing-maker, a some-times poet, and I want to learn more about how to create various forms of art.
I've been making masks since late 1999 and feel that I keep improving my on own techniques/designs with every passing year. I'm self-taught, though I am constantly looking for new designs, ideas, materials, and techniques. I look for inspiration everywhere. I hope to turn my mask-making hobby into my primary source of income someday. I've got dreams of starting up my own business and selling my masks both online and through Renaissance Festivals and art/craft shows where I'd work as a vendor. -Hopefully in the not-too-distant-future.
-I designed my first fantasy costume back in 1999 (a productive year for me, obviously). I prefer to design costumes with Elves and Fairies in mind, though I have designed a few Renaissance style wench costumes, too. Eventually I'd like to learn how to sew and then I plan on making my designs into actual costumes. I love buying/collecting fabrics for future costumes, and I have lots of fantasy and fashion patterns sitting around just waiting for me;) And a nice sewing machine collecting dust. -sad, huh?*chuckles* I'm a lazy procrastinator!;p~
I would really love to find more people to discuss art and mask making with:)

For pictures of my mask creations, check out my DA Mask Gallery: http://EMasqueradeGallery.deviantart.com
*Also, my art-blog on Blogger where I post about all things art from my masks, floral head-wreathes, fairy-wings, to my latest interest: Steampunk. http://theenchantedmasquerade.blogspot.com/

This Journal:
If you read my journal you'll see me talking about books I'm reading, movies I want to see and occasionally reviews on movies I've recently seen, as well as, reviews on books I've recently read or am still reading. I enjoy watching Ghost-hunter tv shows so that'll come up in topic every now and then. Really, I like to just throw my thoughts out there for discussion. I am a bit of a feminist...not a sign-toting, 'Femi-nazi', but I am female and so do take an interest in feminine/feminist topics, naturally. I will from time to time express my thoughts along a feministic vein, so be prepared. I'm not out to be offensive to anyone at any moment and I'm not confrontational. I just like to relax and chat.:)
I've taken an almost obsessive interest in all things makeup in the past couple of years, but I tend to talk about that mainly in my own make-up community which is listed further down in my profile.
I do talk about my personal life every now and then and I'll share photos and whatnot from my travels and things like that, but since very few people currently reading my journal actually know me on a personal level, I realize that it's not easy to relate to someone you don't really know. So I don't talk 'too' much about personal stuff in here. I like to keep it general, but interesting.:)

I am not a Witch, nor do I pretend to be one, but I do consider myself to be Pagan(though, a better way for me to describe my sense of my religious beliefs would be to say, "I follow 'pre-Christian'/folk spirituality in one form or another".). (a favorite saying I've heard: "All Witches are Pagans, but not all Pagans are Witches.") Though working/studying to become a Witch is a goal of mine...but it's to be reached through hard work first. I own a lot of books on both Witchcraft/Wicca and Goddess myths(for a list of my books, go here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/elven_sphinx/81513.html#cutid1 ), and have been steadily trying to collect as many tools of the trade as I can get my hands on. I yearn to learn and to know more. -I would like to find more people to discuss such topics as Witchcraft/Wicca, ritual, gems and herbs, myths and legends, religions, Goddess, Faery, etc, with. I am currently a solitary student and have an interest in many different paths. So really: solitary, eclectic student of the written word. ~Blessed Be~ )O(

I love reading fictional books by authors such as Joan D. Vinge, Jane Yolen, Elaine Cunningham, C.S. Lewis, Stephen King, Robert Jordan, Neil Gaiman, Douglas Adams, and more. I love reading books on Goddess myth/lore and Goddess based religions. I love collecting fantasy books...books that feature a lot of beautiful fantasy artwork and lovely little stories, like those of Brian Froud. Especially older fantasy books...like those illustrated by Arthur Rackham -my faves! I actually feel that I could start my own little library with all the books I've got so far.

I enjoy watching movies like "Legend", "Ever After", "Labyrinth", "Wizards", "The Crow"(no. 1 being the best, of course)"The Matrix", "LOTR", "Hackers", "Peter Pan", "Light Years", "TRON", "Spiderman", "Transformers", and many others.

Music: I greatly enjoy listening to artists like "Sarah McLauchlin", "Loreena McKennitt", "Bjork", "Enya", "Sarah Brightman", "Medieval Baebes", "M83", as well as instrumental Nature/New Age music...stuff by companies like "Narada" and "Enso", etc.

More about Me:
And of course, I love looking at, wearing, and designing costumes -mostly fantasy based, though I do enjoy some modern fashion, too. And I love to travel. -Grew up a Navy brat so it's kind of in my blood. The two coolest places that I can recall having lived in are Guam(for 3yrs.) and Scotland(for 2 1/2yrs.). -Loved Scotland and can't wait to go back someday:)
I'm generally a nice and friendly person, I love fantasy and anything pertaining to the world of Faery. I read a lot of books (fantasy, Witchcraft, sci-fi, etc.) and comic books (Marvel-chick!), I love to play dress-up and I love to sing and to write poetry. I'm very Goddess oriented and enjoy reading Goddess-myths as well as viewing Goddess artwork.

*If you're interested in my journal then leave a post, I'd be happy to hear from you:)
*If you'd like to add me to your friends list, feel free to do so.
*If you'd like me to add you to mine, please let me know and I'll decide from there.
---->But be forewarned: I can be pretty flaky when it comes to commenting in others' journals, it's nothing personal...I'm just lazy about it sometimes. :/
*If you post in my journal regularly I'll try to make a regular effort of replying back in yours.
*If you feel that I'm not commenting enough in your journal -speak up! But also please consider that if I don't know you in real life and you're mostly talking about your own personal life, I don't know what to say...I don't really know you and so can't connect enough with you to say anything of any real relevance. I'm looking for other artsy people who post a lot about their artsy stuff....I can't connect with your drama and am not interested in doing so. I'm here to enjoy myself, not get involved in 'real-life' issues...especially not ones that don't pertain to myself in any way. And with this said, I try not to write too much about my own personal life in here as I don't expect anyone else to be able to really connect with me who doesn't already know me outside of the internet. So, fair is fair.

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*New and most used currently: my Blogger art-blog: http://theenchantedmasquerade.blogspot.com/